deché Summer Hotlist – Bring the Heat


A super-hot look that is perfect for summer.  Do get this look, use the following deché products:

tinted-primer-prf_390_1-500x500deché Tinted Primer – Broad Spectrum SPF 20 (Medium/Deep Shade)

bsmb02-safari-mineral-bronzer_congo-02_390-500x500deché Safari Mineral Bronzer (Congo 02 Shade)

luxury-mascara_black-llma01_390-500x500deché Luxury Waterproof Mascara (Black)

luxury-gloss_skinny-dip-104a_390-500x500deché Luxury Lip Gloss (in Skinny Dip 104a Shade)

baked-split-shadow_serene-01_390-500x500deché Baked Split Eyeshadow (in Ardor 08 Shade)

luxe-creme-liner_onyx-01a_390-500x500deché Luxe Creme Liner (in Onyx 01a Shade)

Visit deché Cosmetics for the complete collection for Bring the Heat and order today!

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