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Strategy for Success

Strategy for Success

Look at your current results to give you insight into what you are truly thinking in your heart. Once you see the results that stem from your thoughts, then you can consciously choose to keep thinking the same thoughts or to change them. Are you truly using your creative capacity to engineer thoughts and actions […]

Top Seven Image Tips for the Professi...

Top Seven Image Tips for the Professional Man

1. Never wear a short sleeve shirt with a tie unless your are an airline pilot or fast food manager.  Short sleeve shirts are fine as part of a uniform, but not if you want to project a professional image. 2. Ties should reach your belt line. 3. Properly knotted ties have a “dimple” under […]

14 Things that will Never go out of S...

14 Things that will Never go out of Style

Hi Everyone!  I want to share with you all a list of “14 Things That Will Never Go Out of Style…” Now, this is NOT my list.  I found it a few years ago (I cannot remember where it was written) but I must say they might be onto something because of this stuff still […]

Deb’s 10 Wardrobe Essentials Pa...

Deb’s 10 Wardrobe Essentials Part 2

Deb takes us into the second set of 5 of her 10 Wardrobe Essentials in Part 2 of her two part series.  Missed the first one?  Check out Part 1 here. And check out her special free giveaway – a box of 24 Makeup Remover Swabs with purchase of deché Dual Action Makeup Remover – […]

Deb’s 10 Wardrobe Essentials Pa...

Deb’s 10 Wardrobe Essentials Part 1

Deb takes you though the first 5 of her 10 handy Wardrobe Essentials she never leaves home without!  Click on the video below to start playing: And for more information about the deché Cosmetics products featured in this video, check them out here: deché Hydrating Lip Balm – Berry Nude 03 Shade deché Plumping Lip […]

Everyday is a Gift

Everyday is a Gift

Let’s Celebrate each day!!!!  No matter how BIG or how small.  How long or how short. Let me share my morning ritual with you… First, even before getting out of bed, I mutter my GRATITUDES… “Grateful for another day of Life!  A brand new baby day… Never been lived before…  I AM GRATEFUL!  I live. […]

A Healthy Refresher

Healthy Snack

A healthy snack can be a great refresher. On a busy day, I like to make sure that there are healthy snacks around for my family and myself as we run from errand to errand. Sometimes this can be a handful of fruits or vegetables, or a quick salad that can be put in Tupperware […]

The Power of “Simple Glam”...

The Power of “Simple Glam”

As a mom, I always want my family to be supported and empowered with positivity. “Turn it into something good” is a phrase I always use, encouraging myself and my  family to look for the good in things, even when a day might not be going as planned, or when stress might be trying to […]