Debbie Crosby-Louis

Debbie Crosby-Louis

About DLC Image

DLC Image Consultants, LLC is a premier, holistic company dedicated to educating, supporting and promoting individuals and corporations worldwide.

We consult with individual and corporate clients on appearance, behavior and verbal and non-verbal communication to help them achieve their specific goals with authenticity and confidence.

We achieve these goals by providing specific Consulting Services along with offering standard or customized Events & Seminars on topics as simple as personal wardrobe and overall appearance, verbal and non-verbal communication skills, self discovery and how to be free from limiting beliefs  — to helping clients connect with their personal power and reach life goals once thought to be impossible.

DLC Image takes a holistic approach to helping clients, believing in the power of healthful behaviors such as adopting a balanced diet, exercising and achieving mental clarity. DLC Image enhances the “whole individual,” mind, body and soul.

In support of these goals, DLC Image Consultants, LLC’s founder, Debbie Crosby-Louis, has created her own signature line of skincare and cosmetics – deché – that aims to take the guess work out of not only makeup application, but with a focus on helping people learn what works and what does not.  This signature line is available exclusively in our shop, dechecosmetics.com.

In addition, DLC Image Consultants, LLC, produces documentary media in support of educating the public worldwide using personal interest stories as well as education on how to make the best outward image of yourself – as we believe the image you have of yourself is the picture others see.

SWaM-logoDLC Image Consultants, LLC is proud to be a certified member of SWaM, the Virginia Department of Small Business and Supplier Diversity’s Small, Women and Minority-owned business.


Debbie Crosby-Louis, AICI CIP

AICILogoDebbie Crosby-Louis founded DLC Image Consultants, LLC in the 1990’s while working for Citicorp in New York City.  Her 7-year tenure on Wall Street thought her about the importance of dressing for success, and not long after living in NYC Debbie started to work in the fashion world.  Debbie studied modeling and fashion with the John Casablanca Modeling Agency and makeup artistry with Diane Young Studios on Madison Avenue.  During this period, Debbie modeled for several agencies and designers and created the makeup and skincare line used by her clients today – deché – available exclusively at dechecosmetics.com.

Debbie Crosby-Louis’ experience in both the corporate and fashion worlds has given her the unique perspective that she brings to her clients, her associates and her company.  In addition to her interest and experience in fashion that motivates her,  she is also constantly inspired by the transformation that takes place in people’s lives when they feel confident in the clothes that they wear.  She has worked with many clients who — through the re-thinking of their wardrobe and image — have achieve more professionally than they ever thought possible.

Debbie Crosby-Louis holds an Associates Degree in Computer Science from Kingsborough Community College, a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration from the University of Pittsburgh.  She is an executive life coach and Certified Image Professional from the Association of Image Consultants International.

We believe the image you have of yourself is the picture others see. – Debbie Crosby-Louis